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Antarctic Photo Gallery
Great God, this is a wild and wonderful place!

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Sample Images

To learn more about Antarctica, please see our expeditions field notes:
2003 Field Notes | 2005 Expeditions Notes | Other Antarctica Images

Antarctic Landscape Antarctic Landscape Antarctic Landscape Glaciers Explorering the ice flows Underwater Ice Berg (grounded)





Ice Flows

Grounded Ice Berg
Diver inspecting an underwater ice berg... Diver on surface in brash ice (Chris Weaver) Diver on surface in brash ice (Mike Salvarezza) Crocodile Dragon Fish Underwater Sea Anemone - Isotealia antarctica Weddell Seal

Diver & Berg

Surface Diver

Surface Diver

Crocodile Dragon Fish

Sea Anemone

Weddell Seal
Leopard Seal underwater Seastar-  Odontaster validus Polar Pioneer crossing the Drake Passage... Polar Pioneer at Anchor Building at Port Lockroy Gentoo Penguins

Leopard Seal


Polar Pioneer in Drake

Polar Pioneer

Port Lockroy

Gentoo Penguins
Gentoo Penguins Gentoo Penguins Polar Pioneer crew tries to land zodiac in heavy surf on Deception Island... Aurora Crew: Henrik Lovendahl, Sue Warner, Roger Kirkwood, Kieran Lawton... Gentoo Penguins coming ashore at Neko Harbor... Polar Pioneer in Pack Ice...

Gentoo Penguins

Gentoo Penguin takes a look

Deception Island

Aurora Crew

Gentoo Penguins

Polar Pioneer in Pack Ice
Antarctica 2005 Teaser Image... Underwater Sea Anemone - Urticinopsis antarctica Multi-Leg Starfish Divers explore under icebergs near Prospect Point & Fish Island Adventurers on Deception Island - Chinstrap Penguin Rookery at Baily Head Diver sitting among the Gentoo Penguins at Port Lockroy

Expedition Teaser Image

Sea Anemone Multi-Leg Starfish Divers Explore Icebergs Deception Island Port Lockroy
Ice Flows Antarctic Fur Seal on Deception Island... Southern Elephant Seal on Deception Island... Leopard Seal on Ice Flow... Crabeatter Seal on Ice Flow... Brittle Star - Ophionotus victoriae

Ice Flows

Deception Island Deception Island Leopard Seal Crabeatter Seal Brittle Star
Shrimp - probably Chorismus antarcticus Sea Urchin - Sterechinus neumayeri Amphipods Antarctic Fur Seal at play near the Barcroft Islands Sea Spider - Ammothea clausi Limpeds
Shrimp Sea Urchin Amphipods Antarctic Fur Seal Sea Spider Limpeds

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Photo Galleries | Information Request Form

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