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Montauk Shark Cage Diving Expeditions
Local shark cage diving at its very best...

Montauk Shark Cage Diving: Book now while dates are still available!!

Want an adrenaline rush, try Montauk Shark Cage Diving: Venture inside a real shark cage right here in Montauk, Long Island, New York and dive with Blue Sharks. We feel Sea Turtle Dive Charters is the boat of choice. Come and experience the excitement and the thrill of shark cage diving in Montauk, NY. Shark cage diving expeditions is also available off Block Island, NY as well. The Sea Turtle Dive boat has adequate room for 6 divers and has an open stern design. Divers will typically get two 30 to 45 minute shifts in the cage when sharks are present. When shifts are over, the cage is pulled back to the boat to rotate-in fresh new divers.

Search Words: Montauk Shark Cage Diving, Blue Shark Diving, Long Island New York, Block Island, Sea Turtle Dive Charters, Sea Turtle Dive Boat, Northeast Shark Cage Diving, East Coast Shark Cage Diving

Shark Dive Special: $50 US Off Wednesday's in June, July and September!

June and early July can be the best time to see multiple blue sharks and we wanted to offer an incentive for you to catch the action. Water temperatures start off a bit chilly (low 60's) in June, but warm quite nicely by July. June is also an excellent time to visit Montauk with less crowds and beautiful weather. Normal policies apply. Sign-up as an individual or book a private group (6 person max.) Reservations are required and based on first come first served. Book Now

Trip Details | Reservations | Accommodations | Dive Boat | Directions & Map | View Shark Cage
Slide Show | Multimedia Programs & Published Articles | Shark Cage Video (YouTube)

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Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) - click to view larger image...It was a sullen, overcast, gray morning when Eco-Photo Explorers departed the docks in Montauk aboard the 35-foot Sea Turtle dive boat for a local expedition to photograph Blue Sharks (Prionace glauca), one of the prettiest of the world’s sharks in the open Atlantic.

Montauk is sometimes referred to as the Fisherman’s Capitol of the Northeast, with large populations of Tuna, Striped Bass, Bluefish and other sport fish abounding in its waters. In addition to these often pursued species are the many, varied species of sharks that inhabit these waters. Our goal on this day was not to catch the sharks but, rather to photograph them from the relative safety of a shark cage some 35 miles offshore.

With low cloud cover, and an occasional passing fog bank, we quickly made our way to the general location and began releasing a chum slick into the water. Sea birds, like the small and fragile looking Storm Petral and the graceful Shearwater, quickly converged on the immediate area to happily snatch an easy meal.

Although we were prepared for an extended wait, the first Blue Shark appeared within 30 minutes! With a fabulously colored Blue Back and distinctive torpedo shape, the identification was unmistakable: an 8-foot Blue Shark!

Quickly, we suited up and within a few minutes we had forsaken the practice dives with the cage for the real deal. Soon, we were inside the cage face to face with our quarry. This shark was a beauty, both elegant and menacing at the same time. For the next 30 minutes, we twisted and turned within the cage, photographing each pass of the large animal as it circled us. Occasionally, curiosity got the better of our new found friend which tried several times to nibble on our protective cage and at the same time, make a few attempts to wedge its nose between the bars to take a closer look inside. We were literally within inches of one of the Atlantic Ocean’s famed predators.

Subsequent dives in the cage were even more exciting as more sharks appeared throughout the day. On our last dive, we were witness to five sharks simultaneously circling the cage. This was an amazing experience as we watched the sharks approach from all angles. We could literally touch the sandpaper like skin as the sharks swam within inches of our cameras, and we could observe up close the nictitating membrane as it would reflexively close and open over the eye as the shark attempted to bite the cage bars.

The expedition was a huge success. As we cruised back into Montauk Harbor, the sun finally poking through the low overcast, we were thrilled to have shared the ocean with one of its most beautiful inhabitants.

Montauk Shark Cage Diving

Trip Details

Regular Day Trips - The dive boat will transport passengers about 15-30 miles south of Long Island where warm waters from the gulf stream bring an array of life during the summer months. Sharks (mako, thresher and blue), mahi-mahi (Dolphin), tuna, whales, ocean sunfish, porpoise and sea turtles are among the creatures you could see on this type of adventure. The trip out can take 1-2 hours. Upon arrival, the crew begins chumming the water, creating a slick to attract sharks. This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours. The most common sharks seen are Blues, Makos, and if your lucky, the Thresher shark. It's not uncommon to have 3 or 4 sharks in the water at the same time. These trips are 8-12 hours long, so come prepared for a full day on the boat. The amount of cage time you get depends on when the sharks show up. Book Now

  • Certified Diver: $250 US/pp
  • Non-certified: $250 US/pp - This year participates do not have to be certified to cage dive. Although being a certified diver is a plus, it is not required. The crew will give a training session before diving begins to cover the procedure and to acclimate divers to the cage if you are not certified. The cage floats on the surface with a maximum floor depth of about 8 feet. Physical Requirements
  • Topside Observer: $250 US/pp - Topside Observers may accompany one or more of the cage divers or just come along for the ride to enjoy all the sights and sounds above the surface. Although being in the water and meeting a shark face to face is the ultimate experience many shark encounters may be viewed from the surface. When natural predations occur most of the feeding activity takes place on the surface in full view of everyone.

Shark & Wreck Combo Trips - These are single day trips that will include a single tank morning dive on one of the wrecks shown below. After the morning wreck dive the dive boat will head, with the shark cage to deeper water south of Block Island and chum for the bigger blue and mako sharks. The boat will departure at 6:00 am and should return before 5:00 pm. [$280 US/pp] - Book Now

  • Grecian - The Grecian was a 290' steel freighter sunk after being struck by another vessel, in 1932. Sitting in 95' of water, four huge boilers and the bow section rise 15' from the white sandy bottom. There is also a large debris field behind the boilers in which artifacts are still being found. There is an array of marine life on this site frequently including; sharks, monkfish, cod and conger eels. Depth: 95', Boat Ride: 1hr., Visibility: 15'-40'+
  • Idene - The Idene was a 120' steel hulled fishing trawler sunk as an artificial reef by the state of R.I. in 1991. The wreck sits upright and intact on a white sandy bottom in 90' of water. Penetration is easy, but should only be done by qualified divers. The top of Idene can be reached at 60'. Excellent site for underwater video. Depth: 90', Boat Ride: 1hrs. 40min., Visibility: 15'-40'+
  • Lightburne - The Lightburne was a 419' oil tanker that ran aground right in front of the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse in 1939. Today the wreck is unrecognizable as a ship, but still offers an enjoyable dive for everyone. In only 30' of water structures reach to the surface and form underwater corrals for fish. When the conditions are right this dive could be mistaken for one in tropical waters. A great dive for people not used to northeast diving. Depth: 30', Boat Ride: 1hr. 15min., Visibility: 15'-40'
  • Pinnacle - Located south of Block Island lies one of the most interesting dives in New England. The Pinnacle is comprised of boulders left from the ice flow 15,000 years ago. The towering boulders reach to within 30' of the surface from the sandy bottom 75' below. Covering over an acre of ocean floor, the huge boulders form cervices and tunnels large enough to swim through. The rock surfaces are covered with bright, colorful frilled anemones, blood stars and soft corals. Needless to say, life here is at a maximum. Current on the surface can be strong, but subsides at depth. Depth: 75', Boat Ride: 1hr. 10 min., Visibility: 20'-40'+
  • Suffolk - A nasty nor'easter was responsible for the foundering of this 365' collier on Dec. 11th, 1943. Today the wreck sits upside down in 180' of water 32 miles southeast of Montauk. Broken in two, the wreck rises 25' off the bottom. Divers should be warned of the extensive fishing gear that has collected on the massive hull. Depth: 180', Boat Ride: 2 hrs., Visibility: or 10'-30' or 30'-80'
  • U-853 - This type IXC 40 German submarine was depth charged on May 6th, 1945. The wreck is a must see for the enterprising deep diver. Though the sub is upright and intact, recent years have begun to show some breaking down of this 250' vessel. Penetration is possible, but should only be done by qualified experienced divers. Depth: 130', Boat Ride: 1hr. 40mins., Visibility: 5'-30'+
  • Gurney's Barge - This barge is approximately 80' long lying upside down in 60' of water south of Montauk. Mostly intact and on a sandy bottom fish swarm the site. Penetration is possible but should be considered dangerous do to the possibility of decaying wreckage. The wreck is easy to navigate and a worthwhile dive for anyone. Depth: 60', Boat Ride: 50mins., Visibility: 10'-30'

Canyon Shark Cage Diving (Departs 4 AM): $350 US/pp. Contact us for more information | Book Now

Block Island Shark Expeditions (2 days): $450 US/pp - Sharks! Sharks! Sharks and more Sharks! These trips are focused on the species found around Block Island. Divers will do a combination of open water diving with sand sharks on the Block Island pinnacle and shark cage diving in the deep waters south of the island with mako and blue sharks. The dive boat will tie up in Old Harbor, Block Island for the night, where passengers can explore the island and relax before another exciting day of sharks! Trip includes all air fills, breakfast (second day only), lunches and snacks. Five person max. Contact us for more information | Book Now

The average person will get two turns, about 30-45 minutes each. All divers are required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement before leaving the dock. The dive boat will supply weight belts as well as tanks and regulators which are mounted in the cage. The dive boat has some weights for passengers to use, but I would bring your own because you will need a lot of weight if using a drysuit.

Water Conditions:
Water temperature averages 60 F to 80 F
Visibility averages 20 feet to 80 feet
Tidal & Sea Temperature Predictions

Required Dive Equipment: (to be provided by you)

  • Mask, hood, boots, gloves
  • Wet Suit (7mm optimum) or Drysuit
  • Fins (optional)
  • Weight Belt (if not standard size)
  • Weights (the dive boat has some, but I would bring your own)
  • Ankle Weights (the dive boat has some, but I would bring your own)

Optional Equipment: (not necessary)
U/W Photography Equipment - Photographers are welcome and the crew will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Remember to charge your batteries.

DO NOT Bring:
BC's, tanks, regulators, spear guns

Suggested Clothing:
Sunscreen, towel, warm jacket, sunglasses, hat

Shark Cage

shark cage
shark cage

The shark cage will accommodate two divers. Life support is supplied to the divers by two individual 80 cubic inch tanks which are secured to the inside of the cage. Regulators are attached to the tanks using long hookah type hoses. The cage is made of 1" anodized aluminum pipe and is fully welded at all seams.

All entry and exits are done from the open stern of the boat. Divers will be glad to hear that they will not have to swim to the cage to get into it. The Sea Turtle uses special locking clamps (see bottom left) to secure the cage tightly to the boats transom to safely load divers into the cages top hatch. Once inside, the hatch is closed and pushed about 5 to 10 feet away from the boat. The cage will float about 3 to 7 inches below the surface using special floats and is always attached to the boat using a strong steal safety cable.

Divers will typically get two 30 to 45 minute shifts in the cage when sharks are present. When shifts are over, the cage is pulled back to the boat to rotate-in fresh new divers.

Dive Boat

The Sea Turtle is a 36' BHM Downeast style boat. She is powered by a single 430 horsepower volvo-penta diesel engine, allowing a 17-18 knot cruising speed. The boat has bunks for 4 people, a stand-up head and small galley area. Behind the cabin is a large area fitted with a custom gear donning bench, with adequate room for 6 divers. With the open stern design divers can make a giant stride or seated entry. View Dive Boat

Reservation Information

All trips require reservations to reserve your spot on any of these expeditions and can be made by contacting us through our online form. All deposits are 50% of the trip price. Since available dates can change without notice, please contact us to verify your trip selection before making any airfare or accommodation arrangements. The boat leaves the dock at 7:00 PM (unless noted otherwise) on the schedule. Cage Diving Flyer (pdf)

  • Regular Day Rate:
    Certified: $250/diver, Non-certified: $250 US/pp, Topside Observer: $250 pp - boat leaves at 7:00 AM
  • Shark & Wreck Combo: $280 US/pp - boat leaves at 6:00 AM
  • Canyon Shark Cage Diving: $350 US/pp - boat leaves at 4:00 AM
  • Block Island Shark Expedition: $450 US/pp (2 days) - boat leaves at 6:00 AM

    If you call the expedition company directly, tell them you where referred by Eco-Photo Explorers.
    All prices are per person.

    Trip Price Does Not Include:
    Possible fuel surcharge
    Souvenirs, and gratuities for the crew
    All prices subject to change
Available Dates for the 2017 Season:
Trips will usually run from June through September (1 day trips). All trips are regular day shark trips unless noted otherwise. Shark dives are regular cage trips, which will include cage diving only. Shark Dive/Combo dates are trips that will include a regular day of cage diving along with a single open water dive on the site listed. Tanks will be supplied for all shark dives, including the combo trips. All trips are booked on a first come first served basis.

Dates not on the schedule below maybe available for private charter.

This year participates DO NOT have to be certified to cage dive. Physical Requirements


Monday 31 Shark Cage Dive ($50 US discount per person)


Tuesday 1 Shark Cage Dive
Monday 7 Shark Cage Dive
Monday 14 Shark Cage Dive
Thursday 17 Shark Cage Dive
Monday 21 Shark Cage Dive
Thursday 24 Shark Cage Dive
Sunday 27 Shark Cage Dive
Thursday 31 Shark Cage Dive & 30ft Wreck Dive (Combo)


Friday 1 Canyon Shark Dive (departs 4 AM)
Sunday 3 Shark Cage Dive
Monday 4 Shark Research Trip (Call Sea Turtle Charters for details)
Wednesday 6 Shark Cage Dive ($50 US discount per person)
Sunday 10 Shark Cage Dive
Wednesday 13 Shark Cage Dive ($50 US discount per person)
Saturday 16  
Wednesday 20 Shark Cage Dive ($50 US discount per person)


To be determined

  Optional trips maybe added if the weather and sea temperatures are favorable.
Join our mailing list and we will email you if anything changes in our Shark Diving schedule.

Please Note: Boat operator reserves the right to add a fuel surcharge to any trip.
All prices subject to change...

Though the expedition company has a very successful expedition record, they cannot guarantee a Shark encounter on every trip. It would be irresponsible to claim some sort of control over Mother Nature. In reality, Sharks are wild animals that have their own schedules and priorities. They live in an extraordinary environment that at times, does not cooperate according to our schedules. Weather is always an important factor when operating offshore. The expedition company does however, promise to take you to the best place at the best time and provide you the best opportunity to encounter Sharks.

Physical Requirements - Although being a certified diver is a plus, it is not required. The dive masters will give a training session before diving begins to cover the procedure and to acclimate divers to the cage if you are not certified. The cage floats on the surface with a maximum floor depth of about 8 feet.

If you wish to cage dive, some basic physical abilities are required. You, as a diver should be able to enter and exit the cages on your own. Example: Can you easily climb in and out of a swimming pool without the use of stairs or a ladder? You should be in reasonably physically fit condition. If you have existing conditions such as cardio pulmonary disease or other conditions or illness that require medication and or frequent access to medical facilities you may not be eligible to participate in these activities. Some physician approval may be required for other conditions such as diabetes, asthma etc. The maximum weight limit for cage diving is 250 lbs. If you weigh more than 250 lbs and are physically fit, then arrangements can be made to accommodate you.

Cancellations - Shark diving deposits are non-refundable. If a diver chooses not to go out and the tour was not canceled that constitutes a no show and the cost of the trip is non-refundable. Trip cancellations due to bad weather conditions and/or unsafe sea conditions that may jeopardize the safety of the passengers will be decided by the Captain at the dock. Every attempt will be made by the expedition company to reschedule divers in the event the Captain cancels the trip due to bad weather and/or unsafe sea conditions.

Bad Weather - Eco-Photo Explorers and the dive boat cannot be held responsible for bad weather, if a diver chooses not to go out and the tour was not canceled that constitutes a NO SHOW. The dive boat Captain will make every effort to reschedule your dive.

Boat Policies - Valid certification cards are mandatory and held by the crew for the duration of the trip. Zero tolerance policy is enforced. No illegal substances will be permitted on the boat. A Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement must be signed by each diver on each trip. The crew will log you in and out of the water and will assist you in any way possible, but you are solely responsible for your bottom time and your personal safety once you step off the boat. The Captain reserves the right to change the scheduled dive site due to conditions which he may feel will either jeopardize your enjoyment or safety.

Divers Alert Network

DAN Diving Insurance is
highly recommended for all divers...

Reservation Request Form
All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required!
Full Name*
Telephone Number*
Email Address*
Are All Cage Divers Certified?* Yes No   Physical Requirements for non-certified participates.
Requested Dates & Questions*
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1000 char limit.

Filling out this form gives NO GUARANTEE of locking in your requested reservation date. Your reservation request will be forwarded to the expedition company so they can confirm your reservation! Please DO NOT show up at the boat unless the expedition company has confirmed your reservation request.

Eco-Photo Explorers is acting only as an authorized referral agent for the shark diving expedition company (Sea Turtle Dive Charters). The expedition company is solely responsible for the services advertised, including, but not limited to, trip availability, price terms and conditions, and all other legal obligations. All customer requests and information sent to Eco-Photo Explorers will always be forwarded to the expedition company in good faith.

Eco-Photo Explorers takes our customers privacy seriously! Any information gathered from this form will not be sold or given out to any other company, organization or person and will only be used by Eco-Photo Explorers to help maintain our quality service to our customers.

Please review ALL form information listed above before pressing the [Send] button.

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Sea Turtle Dive Charters

Sea Turtle Dive Charters | Directions & Map | Picture of Dive Boat | Reservation & Schedule Information
Cage Diving Flyer (pdf) - Boat leaves the dock at 7:00 AM (unless noted otherwise)

Boat Address:
352 Westlake Drive
Montauk, NY 11954

631.335.6323 (cell), 631.725.0565

Accommodations & Lodging

The following lodging information is broken down into two sections. The section on the left displays lodging that can be found near or around the harbor area and the section on the right displays lodging found in the general Montauk area. Please note, it's your responsibility to reserve your own accommodations.

In the Harbor In Montauk
Uihlein's Motel  (closest to boat)
444 West Lake Drive, Montauk
Montauk Manor
236 Edgemere Street, Montauk
631-668 4400
Blue Haven Hotel
West lake Drive, Montauk
631-668-5943 or 800-789-5943
Gurney's Inn
290 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk
Montauk Yacht Club
Star Island Road, Montauk
631-668-3100 or 888-MYC-8668
Royal Atlantic Beach Resort
South Edgemere Street, Montauk
631-668-5103 or 631-668-5104
Sun 'N' Sound Resort
Soundview Drive, Montauk
Born Free Motel
115 South Emerson Avenue, Montauk
Harborside Resort Motel
371 West Lake Drive, Montauk
Oceanside Beach Resort
626 New Montauk Highway, Montauk
Kenny's Tipperary Inn
432 West Lake Drive, Montauk
Surfside Inn
685 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk

Recommendations for lodging in the Montauk area and lots more!


Multimedia Programs & Published Articles

Inside the Cage: Shark Cage Diving in North America
Join Eco-Photo Explorers as they venture inside the cage right here in North America to dive with Blue Sharks in California, Rhode Island and New York.

Scuba & H20 Adventure Magazine

2013 Article Release
Inside the Cage: Shark Cage Diving in North America
Scuba & H20 Adventure Magazine (October 2013 Issue)
Web Article: PDF | Online

Northeast Dive News Magazine

2005 Article Release:
The Blue Sharks of Montauk
Northeast Dive News (July 2005 Issue)
View Web Article (pdf)

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