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of the 2003 New York Air Show

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Air Show Gallery

The New York Air Show was a three-day celebration and fund-raiser at the old Grumman site at Calverton Airfield. It was scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 19, 20 and 21 of 2003 on 400 acres adjacent to the 10,000-foot runway of the Calverton site. The air show was intended as a salute to the U.S. armed forces and as a fund-raiser for Dowling College's school of aviation and Central Suffolk Hospital.

In-flight performances included solo stunt pilots, the Aeroshell Flight demo team, local aerobatics teams and formation skydivers. Flybys and tactical demonstrations featuring historic and current military aircraft, including a U.S. Air Force A-10 tactical demonstration team. Also present was the famed Memphis Belle and static displays consisting of over 50 aircraft which included other military aircraft from the region and overseas.

P-51 Mustang

P-47 Thunderbolt

Zoom Image zoom image  P-51 Mustang

Zoom Image zoom image  P-47 Thunderbolt

P-51Mustang, P-47 thunderbolt Flyby

P-51Mustang, P-47 thunderbolt Flyby

Zoom Image zoom image  Flyby 1

Zoom Image zoom image  Flyby 2

Grumman TBM Avenger

Bulldog Pitts

Zoom Image zoom image  TBM Avenger

Zoom Image zoom image  Bulldog Pitts S2S

AT-6 Texan B-17 Memphis Belle

Zoom Image zoom image  AT-6 Texan

Zoom Image zoom image  B-17 Memphis Belle

B-17 Memphis Belle

SNJ5 Texan

Zoom Image zoom image  B-17 Memphis Belle

Zoom Image zoom image  SNJ5 Texan

T-28 Trojan


Zoom Image zoom image  T-28 Trojan


To purchase or to receive any additional information about any of the images listed above, please email or write us for details on pricing as well as available image formats (digital, prints, etc.). High resolution images are available upon request.

Eco-Photo Explorers may grant permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this "The Copyrighted Material" provided that the above copyright notice and direct reference to the original source appear on all copies of these derivative works and the recipient obtains prior written authorization from Eco-Photo Explorers. To receive written authorization to use "The Copyrighted Material", please contact Eco-Photo Explorers via email, see our contact web page.

Additional Information

  • North American P-51 Mustang:  1  2  3
    Is credited with providing very effective long range bomber escort during WWII.
  • Republic P-47 Thunderbolt:  1  2  3  4
    Affectionately nicknamed "Jug," the P-47 was one of the most famous AAF fighter planes of WW II.
  • Grumman TBM Avenger: 1  2  3
    Flying from aircraft carriers in the Pacific battles of WWII, the Grumman TBM Avenger quickly became the most famous torpedo bomber of the war
  • Jim LeRoy, Bulldog Pitts S2S:  1  2  3
    Considered by many as the premier solo act in the business today, Jim LeRoy has pushed aerobatic flying to a new and unsurpassed level.
  • North American AT-6 Texan:  1  2  3
    Through WWII, the AT-6 were instrumental in the training of thousands of pilots.
  • B-17 Memphis Belle: 1  2  3  4 Crew Image (Courtesy - Library of Congress)
    The B-17 received the name "Flying Fortress" from a Seattle reporter who commented on its defensive firepower.
  • North American SNJ5 Texan: 1  2  3
    Through WWII, the SNJ were instrumental in the training of thousands of pilots.
  • North American T-28 Trojan: 1 2
    One of the most popular piston-powered warbirds in the USA
  • Reno Air Racing Association
  • USAF Museum

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