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Butterfly Gallery
Digital Image Collection

Photo Galleries | Information Request Form

Eco-Photo Explorers retains exclusive rights to ownership of all copyrighted material. All images are protected by Digimarc ImageBridge watermarks & Digimarc MarcSpider Image Tracking and is protected by both United States and International Copyright Laws.

Sample Images

(collection of various butterfly species )

The thumbnails below should be used for preview only and do not represent the actual quality of the original work.

M153220 C1095 M15101 M151014 M151015
M153220.jpg C1095.jpg M15101.jpg M151014.jpg M151015.jpg
M151017 M15105 M151111 M151115 M151118
M151017.jpg M15105.jpg M151111.jpg M151115.jpg M151118.jpg
M15113 M15118 M15327 M153413 M153211
M15113.jpg M15118.jpg M15327.jpg M13413.jpg M153211.jpg
M153414 C1093 M152515 M152617 M153215
M153414.jpg C1093.jpg M152515.jpg M152617.jpg M153215.jpg

To purchase or to receive any additional information about any of the images listed above, please email or write us for details on pricing as well as available image formats (digital, prints, etc.).

Eco-Photo Explorers may grant permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this "The Copyrighted Material" provided that the above copyright notice and direct reference to the original source appear on all copies of these derivative works and the recipient obtains prior written authorization from Eco-Photo Explorers. To receive written authorization to use "The Copyrighted Material", please contact Eco-Photo Explorers via email, see our contact web page.

Photo Galleries | Information Request Form

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