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British Virgin Islands - Flag

British Virgin Islands (BVI)
1998 Expedition

Expedition Corner

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Eco-Photo Explorers has just completed a photographic expedition to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in the Caribbean. Above is the flag of the British Virgin Islands, the shield shows a young lady and twelve lit lamps, representing the twelve wise virgins of the biblical story. Our base of operations was on the island of Tortola. From here, dives were arranged for nearby coral reefs and shipwrecks. 

Eco-Photo Explorers documented the wreck of the RMS Rhone, sunk on October 29, 1867 during a violent hurricane. The wreck lies in two pieces off the shores of Salt Island in 90 feet of water. The bow section lies relatively intact and permits Scuba Diver penetration into her rusting hulk; the stern section is broken up and scattered along a wide section of the Ocean floor.  The Rhone is the most famous shipwreck in the area and the movie “The Deep” was filmed here. 

During our visit to the islands, we explored several colorful coral reefs. The underwater terrain of the BVI was found to be healthy and well cared for by the local diving industry. Healthy populations of reef fish were spotted, along with large stretches of undamaged coral. 

The islands of the BVI are rich in local culture and are picturesque in many ways. Many of the Islands are simply small pieces of rocks jutting out from the surrounding waters, and several are uninhabited. We explored the larger islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda, stopping by the famous Baths to photograph the large rock formations found in this magnificent location. 

Flying over the many small islands of the BVI, one can only wonder about the legends of pirates and buried treasure that abound about this area. Many small islands can be seen stretching out to the horizon and there are several very secluded anchorages where pirates ships could have easily hidden during their heyday! Perhaps someday a lucky diver will stumble across the treasure of Captain Kidd or Blackbeard and become rich and famous!

For now, the treasures of the BVI can be found in the colorful people, dramatic landscape and abundant marine life that is so common here. There are many all inclusive packages to the BVI available online to help you save on your travel expenses. So plan your next eco-adventure to the islands and experience the magic for yourself.

Diving Opportunities

Baskin In The Sun
P.O. Box 108, Road Town, Tortola, BVI 
(800) 233-7938 or (284) 494-5854
Fax: (284) 494-5853 
A full service shop offering instruction, rentals, dive boats, night dives and more. 
Rainbow Visions Photo - Jim Scheiner
P.O. Box 680, Road Town, Tortola, BVI 
(284) 494-2749 Fax: (284) 494-6390 
Book through dive companies. Custom videos, video cameras, underwater portraits, camera rentals, dive travel, stock photos and film processing. 
Blue Water Divers
P.O. Box 846, Road Town, Tortola, BVI
(284) 494-2847 Fax: (284) 494-0198 
SCUBA instruction and certification, tours, rentals
and night dives.
Romney Associates
P.O. Box 437, Road Town, Tortola, BVI 
(284) 494-2872 Fax: (284) 494-4877 
Romney Associates can book snorkel and Scuba trips for your BVI visit.  Visit their Website for more information.
Caribbean Images Tours, Ltd.
P.O. Box 505, East End, Tortola, BVI 
(284) 494-1147 
Half and full day excursions, gear and expert instruction. 
Trimarine, Dept. D.O.
P.O. Box 362, Road Town, Tortola, BVI 
(800) 648-3393 or (284) 494-2490 Fax: (284) 494-5774 
Individual and group dives.
Dive BVI Ltd.
P.O. Box 1040, Virgin Gorda, BVI 
(800) 848-7078 or (284) 495-5513
Fax: (284) 495-5347 
Lessons, tours, rentals, a full service shop. 
Underwater Safaris
P.O. Box 139, Road Town, Tortola, BVI 
(800) 537-7032 or (284) 494-3235
Fax: (284) 494-5322 
Rentals, courses, tours, full service. 
Kilbride's Underwater Tours
P.O. Box 40, Bitter End, Virgin Gorda, BVI 
(284) 495-9638 Fax: (284) 495-9369 
Rentals, courses, night dives, instruction, air fills and more.
Yacht Promenade
P.O. Box 3100, Road Town, Tortola, BVI 
(284) 494-3853 or (284) 496-0999
Fax: (284) 494-5577


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Expedition Corner

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