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In Memoriam
Klaus Lindemann

Photos of Klaus, courtesy: Diane Strong
Please email Diane for permission to use these images

Chuuk Lagoon | Expedition Corner

On October 17, 2001, Klaus Lindemann died of brain cancer in Michigan.
Pacific Daily News Obituary

Minimum Impact DivingThe name Klaus Lindemann has become synonymous with the wrecks of Truk Lagoon, a collection of vessels that were sunk in the waters here during a furious assault by American forces in World War ii known as "Operation Hailstorm". Klaus was a true pioneering wreck diver, and was instrumental in finding, identifying, describing, and thus opening for our diving pleasure, the many wrecks of both Truk and Palau.

The culmination of Klaus' extensive research into the history and present day location of the wrecks of Truk Lagoon is the book "Hailstorm over Truk Lagoon" which has often been referred to as the "Truk Wreck Diver's Bible". After the popularity of this book became evident, Klaus satisfied the wreck diver's thirst for more information and tools and produced a series of products, including the popular "Hailstorm: The Dive Guide", "Hailstorm: The Underwater Slates" and a video, "Truk Hailstorm".

Klaus' impact on wreck diving in this part of the world extended beyond historical research and book publishing. He is also credited with starting a successful environmental campaign designed to protect both the wrecks and the marine life in the area. He used the title "Minimum Impact Diving" to refer to these efforts.Klaus Lindemann - Photo By: Diane Strong

In 2000, Klaus assisted Eco-Photo Explorers in the development of our program "The Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon", and his assistance on this project was and continues to be most appreciated. While working with Klaus, it became evident to us that he was willing to share his knowledge and experiences about the wrecks of Turk Lagoon willingly and that his concern for the environment and the long term preservation of these historical relics was genuine.

Klaus Lindemann opened the eyes of many wreck divers the world over to the history and beauty of the wrecks of Truk Lagoon. He will be missed and always remembered as a true wreck diving pioneer.

Chuuk Lagoon | Expedition Corner

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