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Flag of the Jolly RogersShipwreck Gallery
Transport yourself back in time!

Marine Life Gallery
Shipwreck Photo Gallery (Northeast Area & Caribbean)

The gallery of archive images shown in this section represent popular dived shipwrecks found off the shores of Long Island, New York and New Jersey, but will not be limited to these areas.

If divers viewing this section have other photographs that may enhance this section feel free to email us your images and we will consider using them. This section will be updated on a regular basis with new images when they become available... so check back often!

Image Gallery

Some ships below have detailed information on the their history. Click on the ship to view its history. To view a larger image of the ship, click on the small magnifying glass. You can also view marine life found on some of these wrecks in our Marine Life Gallery.

U-853 - History
Click to enlarge image... USS Algol
Courtesy National Archives

USS San Diego
Click to enlarge image... USS San Diego
Courtesy National Archives

USS Spiegel Grove
Click to enlarge image... USS Spiegel Grove
Courtesy U.S. Naval Institute

USS Oriskany
Click to enlarge image... USS Oriskany
Courtesy Naval Historical Center

Stolt Dagali
Click to enlarge image... Stolt Dagali
Courtesy National Archives

RP Resor
Click to enlarge image... RP Resor
Courtesy National Archives

U-853 - History
Click to enlarge image... U-853
Courtesy National Archives

Black Point
Click to enlarge image... Black Point
Courtesy National Archives

Andrea Doria
Click to enlarge image... Andrea Doria
Courtesy National Archives

USS Turner
Click to enlarge image... USS Turner
Courtesy National Archives
Oregon - History
Click to enlarge image... Oregon
Courtesy University of
Baltimore library
RC Mohawk
Click to enlarge image... RC Mohawk
Courtesy Newport News,
Click to enlarge image... Drumelzier
Courtesy Sayville,
N.Y. Marine Museum
Click to enlarge image... Pinta
Courtesy National Archives
Hylton Castle
Click to enlarge image... Hylton Castle
Courtesy National Archives

Gate City
Click to enlarge image... Gate City
Courtesy National Archives

Click to enlarge image... Kenosha
Courtesy National Archives

Click to enlarge image... Tarantula
Courtesy National Archives

Black Warrior
Click to enlarge image... Black Warrior
Courtesy National Archives
Click to enlarge image... Heroine
Courtesy National Archives
Bessie White
Click to enlarge image... Bessie A. White
Courtesy National Archives


Other Famous Shipwrecks

RMS Titanic - History
RMS Titanic
Courtesy National Archives

H.L. Hunley
H.L. Hunley
Courtesy Navel Historical Center

USS Monitor
USS Monitor
Courtesy USS Monitor Center

HMHS Britannic
Click to enlarge image... HMHS Britannic
Courtesy National Maritime

Liberty Bell 7
Click to enlarge image... Liberty Bell 7
Courtesy NASA

SS Republic
Click to enlarge image... SS Republic
Courtesy Peabody
Essex Museum, Salem Mass

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Last Modified: September 23, 2006

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