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Shipwreck Corner
Transport yourself back in time!

SkullThe real allure for many shipwreck divers and historians is the fact that many shipwrecks are mysteries. Many are still missing and awaiting discovery. Some, like the Lizzie D are located and identified, but the story of the sinking is a mystery. Others are unidentified and are awaiting final identification.

Divers reading this section will be transported back in time and relive the history of past disasters and sinkings of various wrecks that represent the most popular dived shipwrecks found off the shores of Long Island, New York and New Jersey, but will not be limited to these areas. In time we hope to include many of the predominant shipwrecks found along the Eastern Coastline.

Ships Log

The USS Spiegel Grove: Her Final Legacy
For some shipwreck divers, exploring artificial reefs lacks some appeal due to the lack of history surrounding the sinking and the “safe” condition of the wreck. The Spiegel Grove, however, is different. With an unplanned sinking, a confusing bottom orientation and a rich history, this shipwreck should be one that entertains and challenges for years to come.

Final Attack: The Story of the U-853 - Divers visiting the wreck of the U-853 are transported back in time. Thoughts of marine combat, tragedy and triumph at sea and nature of armed conflict come to mind as you swim over the silent remains of this once dangerous vessel, the last U-boat sunk in World War II.

The USS Algol: On Final Duty - The USS Algol has begun the next phase of her distinguished career as part of the New Jersey Artificial Reef  program. As a wreck, the Algol has plenty to offer. More experienced wreck divers can explore the deeper recesses of the wreck, while photographers will have many opportunities to photograph this magnificent shipwreck.

USS San Diego: WWI Comes to Long Island - The USS San Diego lies in restless peace some 13.5 miles south of Fire Island Inlet along the southern shore of New York's Long Island. For SCUBA divers, this is one of the premier wrecks along the East Coast of the United States and one that has garnered its fair share of publicity over the years. Lying upside down in 110 feet of water, the wreck provides a fascinating dive to divers interested in history, wreck diving, lobster hunting and exploration. Let's explore the colorful history of this magnificent shipwreck.

Oregon Guion Pride: Cunard Tragedy - The Oregon, once the fastest of the world’s luxury liner steamships, now rests quietly beneath the waves of the Atlantic. She is a relic from another time. If you have the experience and training, take the opportunity to visit the remains of this once grand lady of the seas.

The Stolt Dagali: Thanksgiving Tragedy - The Stolt Dagali is New York/New Jersey wreck diving at its best. With great visibility, interesting marine life, varying depths and beautifully intact wreckage, the Stolt will be a popular dive destination for years to come.

The RC Mohawk: Environmental Sentinel - The once proud RC Mohawk, an intrepid member of the Revenue Cutter fleets and an honorable casualty of World War I, was the victim of an ignoble end. Let's explore how the wreck was desecrated by Man’s waste and became a vivid indicator of the disastrous effects of our pollution on the environment.

Bessie A. White - The Bessie a four mast Canadian schooner went aground in heavy fog about a mile west of Smith's Point, Long Island on February 6, 1922.

USS Oriskany - The first U.S. Aircraft Carrier to be sunk as an artificial reef. View Image | Project Summary


Mysteries of the Deep, DISCOVERED...

  • H.L.Hunley - H.L. Hunley was a Confederate submersible which demonstrated the advantage and danger of undersea warfare.
  • USS Monitor Center - The USS Monitor, the first ironclad, steam-powered warship, is an icon of U.S. naval history and a unique national treasure.

    HMHS Britannic - If you enjoyed reading about the Titanic, then you'll enjoy exploring her sister ship, the HMHS Britannic.
  • Liberty Bell 7 - Moments after Gus Grissom became the third human in space, his space capsule sank deeper than the Titanic just after touch-down.

    RMS Titanic: Ship of Dreams - What is, perhaps, the single most famous shipwreck of all time, the wreck of the RMS Titanic.
  • SS Republic - Civil War-Era Ship Discovered, after a 12 year search, the Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. believes they have found the sunken remains of an 1860s steamer called the SS Republic, which could yield thousands of gold coins worth as much as $180 million.

Special Note: When possible we will try to include archive photographs of the ship to help show what the ship looked like as well as underwater images that will help to illustrate how the wreck looks at present. If divers reading this section have other photographs that may enhance this section or each story feel free to email us and we may consider using them. This section as well as each individual story will be updated on a regular basis with new stories, maps, photographs and other interesting information... so check back often!

Shipwreck Gallery

The gallery of archive images shown in this section represent the most popular dived shipwrecks found off the shores of  Long Island and New Jersey, but will not be limited to these areas. This section will also include shipwrecks that dot the waters along the entire East Coast as well. You can also view marine life found on some of these wrecks in our

Hampton Sports Magazine

2004 Magazine Photo Contribution:
Play Section: Wreck Diving

Hampton Sports Magazine (July Issue, 2004)
Published by Dan's Magazines
Supplied underwater images for this article


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