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Available Expeditions & Highlights - Homepage
  - Expeditions (Booking Information)
    - Ultimate Shark Cage & Diving Expeditions
    - Antarctic, Arctic & Norway Expeditions
    - Journey to the White Sea (Northern Russia)
  - Highlights
     - Iceland - 2013 Field Notes
     - Antarctica - 2005 Field Notes (Peninsula, Crossing the Circle)
     - Antarctica - 2003 Field Notes (Peninsula)
     - Belize - Lighthouse Reef
     - Belize - The Blue Hole
     - British Virgin Islands
     - Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon
     - Cocos Island, Costa Rica
     - Galapagos Islands
     - Great White Sharks  - 2002 Field Notes (Farallon Islands San Francisco, Calif.)
     - Great White Sharks: 2005 Field Notes (Guadalupe Island, Mexico)
     - Heron Island - Australia
     - Joshua Tree National Monument (Southwestern California)
     - Kingston, Ontario - Canada
     - Montauk Point Lighthouse: George Washington’s Lighthouse
     - Montauk Shark Cage Expedition
     - Pacific Northwest - The Olympic Peninsula
     - San Juan Island - Friday Harbor, Washington
     - St. Eustatius (in the Dutch Antilles)

Shipwreck Corner - Homepage
   - USS Spiegel Grove
   - Final Attack: The Story of the U-853
   - The USS Algol: On Final Duty
   - USS San Diego: WWI Comes to Long Island
   - Oregon Guion Pride: Cunard Tragedy
   - The Stolt Dagali: Thanksgiving Tragedy
   - The RC Mohawk: Environmental Sentinel
   - Shipwreck Gallery
   - East Coast Diving
   - Marine Signal Flags

East Coast Diving - Homepage
   - East Coast Dive Boat Charters
   - New York Dive Center Locations
   - Long Island Scuba Dive Shop
   - Multimedia Programs on Scuba Diving
   - Shipwreck Corner
   - Underwater Photography
   - Marine Life Gallery
   - Shipwreck Gallery
   - Diver's Way Tribute
   - Marine Signal Flags

Underwater Photography - Homepage
   - Our Photographic Gear
      - Nikon D200 Digital Camera
      - Camera Lenses
      - Aquatica Underwater Housing
      - Professional Series CompactFlash Cards
   - Nikonos V (35mm)
      - What Film Should I Use? 
      - Getting the Correct Exposure
      - How to Create Underwater Silhouettes
      - Close Focus Wide-Angle Photography
      - Surface Macro Photography
      - When Disaster Strikes…What To Do When Your Nikons V Camera Floods
   - Traveling with CompactFlash or Memory Cards
   - Traveling with Film Through Airport Security
   - Photography Links

Special Projects Section
   - Atlantis Marine World
   - Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor
   - JASON Project
   - New York Harbor School
   - Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard's Flagship (North Carolina)

 Special Interests - Mysteries of the Deep
   - Explore the Titanic
   - H.L.Hunley
   - HMHS Britannic
   - Liberty Bell 7
   - SS Republic - Civil War Era Ship
   - USS Monitor Center

Environmental Conservation
   - In the News
   - Sea Turtle Conservation Program
   - Choose Seafood Wisely
   - Helpful Links
Scuba Ring Index
Online Chat



Available Multimedia Programs
Stock Photography ( buy or lease )

Photo Galleries Homepage
   - Antarctic Gallery
   - Great White Photo Gallery (Guadalupe Island)
   - Custom Poster Gallery
   - Maya Ruins Photo Gallery
   - Montauk Shark Cage Expedition - Photo Gallery
   - Marine Life Gallery
   - Shipwreck Gallery
   - Underwater Gallery
   - Cocos Island Gallery
   - New York Air Show - 2003
   - Members Gallery
   - Butterfly Gallery
   - Miscellaneous Image Gallery
   - Diver's Way Tribute - Image Gallery

Online Store (Books, Videos, Mouse Pads, License Plate Frames, Diving Apparel, Mugs, Coffee Cups, Travel Mugs, Dive Stickers, Nitrox Tank Stickers and more...)
Custom Scuba Diving License Plate Frames
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) - Themes/Expressions, Skins, and Buddy Icons


Antarctica Section

Antarctica Homepage
   - Antarctic Expeditions - Booking Information
   - Antarctica, Latest News
   - Antarctica, 2005 News
   - Antarctica, 2004 News
   - Scuba Diving Information
   - Deception Island
   - Diving in the Beagle Channel (Ushuaia, Argentina - City at the End of the World)
   - Antarctic Photo Gallery
   - Explore her Inhabitants
   - Research Stations & Transportation in Antarctica
   - Antarctic Weather
   - Antarctica Geology
   - Antarctica's Icy Landscape
   - The Southern Ocean
   - The Early Explorers
   - Local Time in Antarctica
   - Antarctica Online Store (Books, Videos, Mouse Pads, License Plate Frames, Diving Apparel, Mugs, and more...)
   - Custom Antarctica License Plate Frames

Antarctica Expeditions
   - 2005 Expedition Log
   - 2003 Expedition Log
   - Aurora Expedition Staff

Marine Wildlife Watching Guidelines (Whales & Dolphins, Seals and Seabirds)
For Vessel & Zodiac Operations - The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has developed the following Wildlife Watching Guidelines to provide guidance to vessel operators while viewing cetaceans, seals, and birds in their marine environment.

Wildlife Watching Guidelines (PDF) | General Visiting Guidelines


High Arctic

Iceland - 2013 Field Notes
Journey to the White Sea (Northern Russia)


Shark Section

Great White Sharks - Homepage
   - Great White Photo Gallery (Guadalupe Island)
   - Great White Sharks: 2005 Field Notes (Guadalupe Island, Mexico)
   - 2002 Field Notes (Farallon Islands San Francisco, Calif.)

Montauk Shark Cage Expedition - Homepage
   - Montauk Shark Diving - Trip Reservation Information
   - Montauk Shark Cage Expedition - Photo Gallery



Current Weather
Tidal & Sea Temperature Predictions
Weather Conversion Calculators
Other Conversion Calculators



Mutual Links - Homepage
   - Scuba Diving
   - Scuba Diving Index
   - Travel & Destination
       - Baggage Allowances on Flights and Other Information
   - Photography
   - Diving Magazines/Periodicals/Publications
   - Conservation
   - Tidal Predictions
   - Weather
   - Computer Security
        - Reporting Spam: Where to Complain About Internet Fraud & Scams
   - Reporting Spam
   - Other Related Links


Tributes & Memorials

   - Captain Ken & Jean Marie Jastrzebski Tribute (Jean Marie Dive Charters)
   - Our Tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, 87 years of Exploration
   - Wes Skiles, Pioneering Adventure Photographer Tribute
   - Diver's Way Tribute
   - Klaus Lindemann Tribute
   - World Trade Center (9.11) Tribute


Other Information

   - Message to all Program Directors
   - Trade Shows
       - Beneath the Sea
       - Boston Sea Rovers
       - Our World Underwater
   - RSS News Feeds
   - U.S. Navy Service and Campaign Medals
   - Marine Signal Flags
   - AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) - Themes/Expressions, Skins, and Buddy Icons


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