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Current Local Weather
Islip, New York

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Important Warning: This, and all products
obtained from the INTERNET, may not be timely! 

Check date and time of information and rely on NOAA Weather Radio or commercial broadcasts for latest warnings and advisories. Also remember that many WWW browsers cache pages for reuse - if the posting appears out of date try reloading.  Commercial, aviation, marine, etc.  should use standard or official weather forecast sources.

Weather Links

Severe Weather Storm Center Alerts | Local Severe Weather Alerts ( 1km StormWatch )
Local 5-day forecast:  Islip, NY | Tropical Update | Tropical Storms
Storm Watch | Weather Basics | Weather Channel | Intellicast Weather
Tidal & Sea Temperature Predictions | Weather Conversion Calculators
Atlantic Hurricane Watch | Current Marine Data

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weather information.
U.S. Weather
Current Surface Forecast - US
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U.S. Weather
Current Surface Forecast - Northeast

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Cold          Cloud Temperature       Coldest
Color Enhanced Legend
NE Satellite
Northeast US Satellite
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Light                Precipitation             Heavy
Color Enhanced Legend
NE Satellite
Local Doppler Radar (300 Mile)
Islip New York

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Atlantic Hurricane Watch

Latest Hurricane Track | Interactive Hurricane Track
Caribbean Hurricane Center | Tropical Storms - worldwide

Tracking The Eye software is the winsock supported Hurricane Tracking Application for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP that can connect to the Internet and get storm coordinates with the press of a button. This software extended internet service sends real-time Satellite Images, Storm Coordinates, Tropical Weather Outlook, Tropical Weather Discussion, Strike Probabilities, Public Advisories and Forcasts directly to your desktop which can be viewed on a colorful map and saved to your computer (small registration fee).

 Winds 74-95 mph
 Winds 96-110 mph
 Winds 111-130 mph
 Winds 131-155 mph
 Winds greater than 155 mph

Click for Islip, New York Forecast


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